Equilibrium (Rebalancing)

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Equilibrium Cleansing Milk
Equilbrium Cleansing Milk-200 ml   Basic gentle skin cleanser suitable for all types of s..
Ex Tax: RM102.00
Equilibrium Cleansing Phytogel
Equilibrium Cleansing phytogel-200 ml   Detersion suitable for skins that prefer water cl..
Ex Tax: RM96.00
Equilibrium Cleansing Soap
Equilibrium Cleansing Soap-100 ml   Home use detergent to complete the specific treatment..
Ex Tax: RM63.00
Equilibrium Eye and Lip Make-up Remover
Equilibrium Eye and lip make-up remover-125 ml   Two-phase formula, easily removes all ki..
Ex Tax: RM88.00
Equilibrium Face Cream
Equilibrium Face cream-50 ml   Day and night cosmetic product containing lenitive soothin..
Ex Tax: RM115.00
Equilibrium Rebalancing Toner
Equilibrium Rebalancing face lotion-200 ml   It completes the detersion assuring a pleasa..
Ex Tax: RM102.00
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